Our team

Professionals with Punch!

At Qroz we have professionals with Punch! (Ability To break paradigms and schemes). It is that plus that differentiates us and that is composed of injecting energy, harmony and vision into everything we do

Brian G. Quiroz

Energetic, versatile, punctual and very conceptual qualities that permeates every project that is entrusted. Extensive knowledge in digital media, graphic design and sales, is the perfect union to ensure success in your project, brand or product.

Commercial Manager
Caro Barbosa

Knowing how to manage each resource and project it to the highest performance is the most outstanding quality in each project entrusted to you. Charisma, passion and dedication is the perfect symphony that applies in each work that develops.

Planner estratégica
Angelica Castellanos

Visual harmony, composition, detail, mixed with empathy and innate cooperation, is the ideal synergy of a professional to provide solutions in audiovisual media that impact and fit the mental image that each client wants to obtain in their final product.

Graphic-Creative Strategist
Manolo Álvarez (Creative Man)

Our Ally with its Man Creative brand, contributes not only the creativity quota that must be yes or yes in everything that is done, but also its wide criteria and knowledge in the areas of graphic design, marketing, strategy and planning.

Freelance Commercial Executive
Luis Carlos Mantilla

The commercial strengthening is paramount for the development of any organization, for that reason with ample experience in this field, it contributes its extensive capacity of analysis in new opportunities they are the key piece for the solidity in each commercial relation that it establishes.

Digital / Social Media Manager
Natalia Díaz

The digital age requires professionals with analytical skills, constructive critical thinking, discipline, creativity and a lot of innovation. She is the share of integral communication, entrepreneurship and digital constructivism.