What is marketing 3.0?

What is marketing 3.0?

Philip Kotler, one of the great influencers in the world of marketing and economics, makes clear what marketing 3.0 is in his book (of the same name). Marketing 3.0 exposes innovative strategies to reach people, respecting the central axis that are the values ​​of the brand, including employees, partners, distributors and suppliers, generating integral engagement so that the brand generates credibility in those values ​​that represent it. .

According to Kotler, the values ​​of the people are the center of the strategy, recognizing that more and more the people long for a better world in mind, heart and spirit. That is, they not only want products and services for their personal satisfaction, but products and services that transcend the functional, with a purpose and that are aligned with their aspirations and ways of seeing the world. This process has accelerated enormously thanks to the irruption and massification of the Internet, generational and cultural changes, radical changes in consumer behavior in the population, in general, and in the younger segments in particular (millennials).

How to get from 1.0 to 3.0?

If reading the above is still a bit confusing (or even do not believe in the power to revolutionize) back to the origin, to the essence of marketing: improve to sell more.

Let's make a list, step by step of that rise to the top 3.0:

Marketing 1.0: Era of the Products.

Define the product portfolio, it is the first step to know the market we want to reach; Keep in mind that this way you sell services, know what it offers, how it is offered and where it is offered, it is the cornerstone to succeed in the functionality and massification of that product.

Marketing 2.0: Era of the Consumer.

If you feel that each time you can improve the product / service more, you are right! It is uncertain to what extent you can improve a product / service based only on quality, functionality and mass standards. This is where you should know and satisfy the consumer by market segmentation, that is, to each need a solution, for example: If you sell coffee and your customers are in the summer season, where the need is to refresh; the solution would be to adapt the typical hot coffee to a cold coffee-based beverage, it is not modifying its product, it is adapting it to that need.

Marketing 3.0: Era of Values.

This is where you have to hit the target offering an added value (taking into account the product, need and segment). We will no longer see a consumer, but a human being who has collective, environmental concerns and aspires to a better society. Also take into account the inclusion and sense of belonging of the interested parties (employees, partners, suppliers and the whole context of the brand). In summary focus on the values ​​of the brand and address them as a premise to have a better world, that its engine is unlimited technology, think more about being (as a person) and less as a consumer, advertising must be Functional + Emotional + Spiritual so that the result is the Co-Creation of Value.



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